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The Will is a 32 episode, hour-long investigative documentary series that explores the family intrigues, legal wrangling, conflict and greed surrounding some of the most curious and contentious real-life stories of family inheritance.

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'Will' power
After death, the famous estate their case
by Linda Stasi - NEW YORK POST

San Francisco Chronicle – 11/1/10
Hey, Watch It! - This Week's TV Picks
Wednesday November 3rd
"The Will: Family Secrets Revealed" is bound to give you more than one moment of, "Man, is this really any of my business? Should I really be watching this?" But for the nosy Nellies amongst us, it's pure entertainment. Joan Crawford and her infamous will are the topic of tonight's episode. 9 P.M. on Investigation Discovery.

Hartford Courant – 10/31/10
Also This Week
Joan Crawford is the first subject of the new series "The Will: Family Secrets Revealed" (Investigation Discovery, Wednesday, 9 p.m.), in which the offspring of one adopted daughter of the movie star defends the decision to disinherit the other daughter; near her dying day, Crawford apparently knew she'd soon write "Mommy Dearest."

Atlanta Journal Constitution – 11/1/10
TV Best Bets
“The Will: Family Secrets Revealed” 9 p.m. ID (new series) — Joan Crawford leaves her kids squat, resulting in a scathing memoir.

AOL TV Squad – 10/31/10
What to Watch: TV Picks for November 1-7
'The Will: Family Secrets Revealed' – Some secrets endure until a will is read, and then, as the first episode of the series illustrates, all heck breaks loose, like when Joan Crawford's will revealed she left diddly squat to two of her adopted children, leading to the classic 'Mommie Dearest' memoir (9PM, Discovery ID) series premiere – 10/29/10
The Week in Gay TV: Halloween weekend delivers scares, Graham Norton and The Rally to Restore Sanity and/or Fear
Investigation Discovery kicks off a new series on Wednesday. The Will: Family Secrets Revealed takes a look at the stories of contested wills and battles over inheritance. Wednesday’s episode takes a look at the estate of Joan Crawford, who disinherited two of her children, Christopher and Christina, leading to a legal battle and the publication of the memoir, Mommie Dearest.

Pop Culture Madness – 11/1/10
Tonight on Investigation Discovery (Hardcover Mysteries and The Will)
Hardcover Mysteries

November 1st at 9 PM ET
A vast investigation into the disappearance of millionaire Manhattan socialite Irene Silverman uncovers two prime suspects, a mother and son killing team. Linda Fairstein provides a behind-the-scenes account of the police investigation.

November 3rd at 9 PM ET
Hollywood actress Joan Crawford dies in 1977, leaving nothing to two of her four adopted children, Christina and Christopher, and everything to the twins, Cindy and Cathy. Infuriated, Christina fights for her rightful inheritance and sues Joan’s estate, then writes the explosive memoir “Mommie Dearest.”

The premiere episode of Investigation Discovery’s “The Will: Family Secrets Revealed,” presents commentary from Christina as well as Joan’s nephew, Casey LaLonde, who paints a much different portrait of his grandmother than the one Christina does in her memoir, leaving people to wonder if the allegations of abuse and neglect were true or if the book was simply an act of revenge by a scorned daughter. – 10/30/10
'The Will: Family Secrets Revealed': Death Is Only the Beginning
Premiering on Wednesday, November 3, the new Investigation Discovery series will explore the estates of Joan Crawford, Hank Williams, Doris Duke, Howard Hughes, Joey Bishop and more.

Investigation Discovery announce three new shows and they sound awesome!


The Will: Season 3
Celebrity wills !

301 - The Estate of Ted Williams
302 - The Estate of John Kennedy Toole
303 - The Estate of Etta James
304 - The Estate of Steig Larsen
305 - The Estate of Tammy Wynette
306 - The Estate of Robert Johnson
307 - The Estate of James Brown
308 - The Estate of Jimi Hendrix
309 - The Estate of Jerry Garcia
310 - The Estate of Brooke Astor
311 - The Estate of Gary Coleman
312 - The Estate of Genevieve Gore

The Will: Season 2
201 – The Estate of Johnnie Taylor
202 – The Estate of Art Hadley
203 – The Estate of Conway Twitty
204 – The Estate of Lillian Garis Booth
205 – The Estate of Rock Hudson
206 – The Estate of Wayne Perry
207 – The Estate of Ritchie Valens
208 – The Estate of Norman Hipel
209 - The Estate of Andy Warhol
210 - The Estate of LaTanya Haggerty

The Will: Season 1
101 - The Estate of Kitty Tipton Oakes
102 - The Estate of Wilbur Robinson
103 - The Estate of Mary Sheehan
104 - The Estate of Hank Williams
105 - The Estate of Joan Crawford
106 - The Estate of Joey Bishop
107 - The Estate of Frederic C. Dumaine
108 - The Estate of Doris Duke
109 - The Estate of Howard Hughes
110 - The Estate of Frankie Lymon

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